Heroes of Dirt

Posted On: May 9, 2013
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Heroes of Dirt (2013)

Information :

Genres: Action,Drama,Sport
Director:Eric Bugbee
Cast: Joel Moody,William Martinez,Vivian Vanhorn

User reviews :

Rad, was a great Bmx movie and still is. The riders of the movie Rad,
pushed the sport in freestyle, they were great innovators. This new
movie Accelerate,has been a very anticipated movie that people who are
into this great sport, have been waiting to see. Regardless of the bike
aspects: park ,dirt, street, vert, flatland or racing, this movie is
going kick some butt. I see this movie with a more eloquent storyline
than Rad. Not to say Rad did not have a good storyline, cause i really
enjoyed it. There's nothing much else to say about this movie other
than I'm really psyched to see old riders come out like Cru Jones(Bill
Allen), and modern day riders like Brian Foster, Steve Crandall, Chris
Doyle, Joel Moody, and others. I can't wait to go see it. You don't
have to be into bikes to go see it. If you like watching extreme
sports,or something that you don't see everyday, then I'm sure you'll
enjoy it.

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