Meant to Be

Posted On: April 6, 2013
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Meant to Be (2012)

Information :

Genres: Drama
Director:Bradley Dorsey
Cast: Bradley Dorsey,Erika Eleniak,Erin Sossamon

User reviews :

I enjoyed this movie and will watch again, instead of at 1 am . I would
watch this with my mom who volunteered at a center that counsels young
women before they decide what to do. Unwanted pregnancy in the leading
cause of abortions. Fear, the stigma still placed on un wed mothers,
society norms all put pressure on any young woman to delete the
unknown. When a woman has the baby, inevitably, they fall in love.
Maybe they make the choice, sometimes a good one, for the child to go
to a loving home. I think most times the mom, and dad if he is involved
are filled with doubts when they make that decision, yet a better one
than termination just because it is unwanted. I enjoyed the theme of
this movie, the message as well as the unusual storyline. A good
although easily spotted twist. I will liken this to a Touched by an
Angel episode. WAS it? LOL>..MOstly I want to find the lovely song at
the end…May all little angels born and gone to soon or those who
never saw the light, Rest in His arms. Suffer the little children for
such is the KINGDOM. I believe they are waiting…and they do not need
to be baptized to go..jus sayen.

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