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Remnants (2012)

Information :

Genres: Drama
Director:Tim Szczesniak
Cast: André Freitas,Tom Sizemore,Wilbur Fitzgerald,Alex Van

User reviews :

First, let me say this: If you are a hard core prepper, survivalist,
etc…, you are going to see some "flaws" in the story line or the way
people may do things. This is no different than when a cop watches a
"cop movie" or a doctor watches some medical miracle on TV. For the
rest of the world who aren't "specialist" in the field, it's just good
FICTION, put together by good people, who worked hard to bring it to
you without a Hollywood budget to work with.

Now, on to the film. This film is about what MIGHT happen and how a
group of people MIGHT handle the situation. Some of the acting could
use a little polishing, but the overall story is very good. While this
is a work of fiction and the trigger is a "rare astronomical event", I
believe that the response of the people involved is a fair
representation of how things could go should any major catastrophe
befall the general population.

This film is a good "eye opener" to anyone who thinks that they don't
need to worry about preparing for emergencies or think that there will
always be someone (the govt.) there to take care of them. Just consider
all of the troubles at home and around the world today and you could
easily replace "rare astronomical event" with "collapse of the
economy", "government confiscation of firearms", or what almost
happened recently in Russia "meteor strikes heavily populated city,
explodes with a force 300 times greater than the Hiroshima bomb,
killing thousands, injuring millions, and destroying billions in

No matter what the trigger, this movie will make you think about some
of the realities of life, but it's not doom & gloom. There's plenty of
drama with family, friends, & neighbors, as well as lots of action.

LIKE this movie, let all of your friends know about it, and help
support it so that you can see it in a theater near you soon.

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