Taeter City

Posted On: March 6, 2013
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Taeter City (2012)

Information :

Genres: Sci-Fi
Director:Giulio De Santi
Cast: Monica Muñoz,Riccardo Valentini,Santiago Ortaez

User reviews :

This guys/ company/ filmmakers/artist, or whatever we want to call
them, have just created a new genre. That's it.

The story: In a futuristic country/city, a dictatorship manage
everything, Criminals commit suicide thanks to a special radio-wave
system, and their corpses become tasty hamburger or bloody energy
drink. But something goes wrong and they all become demented super

Critic: The story is original but not unique, basically just a mixture
of Soilent Green and the videgame Oddsword, Blade Runner and some of
zombie movies. What is incredible here is the style… sorry: the
STYLE. Italian were great to reinvent styles like western and horror
(look at Fulci and Leone) and this guys are doing the same here. 80's
style + Japan cartoon culture = 10 times better.

The visual is just art here, and the editing keep you drugged for the
entire movie. The flashbacks are presented like frenetic digital files,
and the background story explained with dictatorship advertisements,
and it worked in a perfectly, killing all the dead point similar sci-fi
movies had. The action sequence are so well edited, they looks like a
manga, fast, extreme and they leave you breathless. Special effects are
over the top, digital and practical, and the blood and gore sequences
just 20 out of 10. The movie don't present good characters, only bad
and sadistic characters for the entire movie. (This reflect what this
world is turning on. I really loved that) A continuity of bizarre
moments, kills, mutations, action sequences and funny moments
throughout the entire movie, and that's worked perfectly. I suppose
this guys spent about 1/100 of what big production spent normally to
create movies like Dredd and Battleship. I just say: SHAME on you big
production, and learn from this guys.

I don't know if any person involved in this movie will read this but:
My best wishes for your future projects. My complete and sincere
support from Germany.

George Hittach

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