You're So Cupid!

Posted On: June 5, 2012
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You're So Cupid! (2010)

Information :

Genres: Fantasy,Romance
Director:John Lyde
Cast: Lauren Holly,Brian Krause,Jeremy Sumpter

User reviews :

This is possibly one of the most poorly written, casted and directed
movies I've ever seen. I realize it's written for a specific tween age
group, but this is so behind the times. My little sister was
dumbfounded with what the characters were saying and sometimes thought
it was a joke. The whole movie is laced with an annoying whimsical,
"everything will be OK" type of vibe that just drags down every
potential for an exciting moment.

The only way I was finishing this movie was just to see if these
writers were actually following through with this film. The characters
are amazingly boring, with a slight exception to the Mom. There are
those moments after a character says their line and a there's an
assumption, a flow that should come next, but instead they meander in
what they just said. It was very strange to watch. It ended with me
having a physical stomach ache because of the sheer awkwardness and odd
behaviour demonstrated by the characters. Why I put myself through
this, I don't know. :P

This is from a passionate movie goer's perspective, keep this in mind.

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